I would like to thank everyone who attended the, “Well Expo – Healthy Living for Women,” event this past weekend.

I would also like to thank all the Well Expo sponsors for making the event possible. It was thrilling to see how many people have decided to take ownership of their wellness by exploring alternative and holistic care options. (See photo gallery.)

A special nod of gratitude goes out to Greens First, and Total Tea for supplying the Energy Equals Wellness goodie bag items. I have used nutritional products from both of these companies for years, and am delighted to have them available for my clients. (If you received a goodie bag with samples, please post your thoughts in the comment section below.)

As part of the Hopewell Healing Center team, the Energy Equals Wellness exhibit also included the ever-popular Amethyst BioMat, the TQ Solo Laser, and SafeSpace EMF Protection products.

If you didn’t get a chance to see these amazing wellness products at the expo, check out our website, or call for more information and a demonstration.

All the best in wellness to you and your family,

Linda Grosse, Wellness Coach
Energy Equals Wellness, LLC
(608) 669-2204