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Do smartphones pose a health risk? Are you or your children at risk from over exposure to WiFi? Should we be concerned? Are there precautions we can take? Click the links below to find out what the experts have to say!

> 190 scientists from 39 nations submitted an appeal to the United Nations, UN member states and the World Health Organization (WHO) requesting they adopt more protective exposure guidelines for electromagnetic fields (EMF) and wireless technology in the face of increasing evidence of risk.

THE BIOINITIATIVE REPORT 2012: A Rationale for Biologically-based Public Exposure Standards for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF)

Scientist warns of wireless threat from smart meters, cellphones: A renowned Canadian scientist and expert in molecular oncology says hundreds of millions of residents around the world are being “blanketed in an electromagnetic smog” caused by wireless devices such as smart meters and the potential health care consequences will be staggering.

>From the Today Show

Pediatricians’ new warning: Limit children’s exposure to cellphones

> See what is surrounding you! The architecture of radio app is a realtime, location based visualization of cell towers, wifi routers, communication, navigation and observation satellites and their signals.

Why Wireless WIFI radiation can make you sick and what you can do about it Dr Sinatra. com

> Parents Nationwide Are Questioning the Safety of Wireless Radiation in Schools

Cell Phone Radiation And Your Brain: Bret Bocook Tells His Story

Cell Phone Radiation Warning Law Causes Controversy

> The Health Risks of Wireless Internet in Schools: A Letter by A Montgomery County MD Public School Graduate
View the letter and related information here.

> Teachers’ Unions in USA, Germany, UK, and Canada Who Have Done Their Research Do Not Support WiFi in Schools


Here’s a fact no one can argue — Cigarette smoking causes lung cancer.

So what’s the connection between cigarettes and smartphones?

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Smart Patch by SafeSpace – Proven technology that protects from the effects of EMF radiation generated by electronic and wireless devices.

The SafeSpace Smart Patch successfully neutralizes the toxic effect of harmful EMFs and converts them to harmonious waves that support health and well-being.

Apply a single Smart Patch to your cell phone, smart phone, tablet, laptop, notebook, headsets, Bluetooth technologies, cordless landline phones, and routers.

The 5/8 inch square, self-adhesive patch is razor thin for easy application anywhere on your device. The package of two comes complete with instructions and suggestions for additional uses.

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5/9/2015 George Washington University: Dr. Sharma and Dr. Davis: Science and Policy on Wireless

> California Medical Association House of Delegates Resolution Wireless Standards Reevaluation 2014 http://www.parentsforsafetechnology.org/california-medical-association-resolution-on-wireless.html

> Neurosurgeon Shows How Low Levels of Radiation Such As Wi-Fi, Smart Meters And Cell Phones Cause The Blood Brain Barrier To Leak ClickHere

Dr. George Carlo – The Medical Term for WiFi in Schools!

Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe – Electromagnetic Radiation, Health and Children 2014

Radiant Room – The Ultimate Small-Space EMF Protection Scientific studies have shown that the constant bombardment of harmful radiation from electromagnetic fields (EMFs) creates biological stress that can lead to serious health consequences. The Radiant Room hologram radiates a powerful field into a single room converting toxic EMFs to biologically safe fields. Chaotic fields are transformed, and a tangible feeling of peace is generated to enhance any single space of up to 400 square feet. Single room clearing for travel, home, and office… • Small work areas • Bedrooms • Motel / Hotel rooms • Hospital rooms • Study areas • Automobiles The Radiant Room hologram will begin working immediately when placed in a room. Simply remove it from its velour storage pouch and position on any flat surface. The Radiant Room will continue to convert toxic EMFs and protect from other detrimental vibrational energies for as long as it remains in the room. Unlike other manufacturers’ devices, the energetic encoding of the Radiant Room hologram is permanent, and cannot be neutralized or altered by temperature, electromagnetic fields, magnets, strong odors or chemicals. Click Here To See All Safe Space Products

> Wi-Fi ‘electrosmog’ a risk to health, say scientists http://bit.ly/1EANVXo

> Heavy Cell Phone Use Can Quadruple Your Risk of Deadly Brain Cancer Click Here

> Mobile phone radiation causes brain tumors and should be classified as a probable human carcinogen (2A) (Review)

SafeSpace Smartphone

It’s No Longer…  “I Can’t Live Without My Smartphone,” It’s…

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> Q & A: Cell Phones and Wireless Radiation

> Doctors Say Wireless Devices to Blame for Raft of Illnesses

> Mobile Phone Use and Risk of Tumors: A Meta-Analysis

> Microwave News – A report on non-ionizing radiation
Access Microwave News Here

> Cell Phones and WiFi are a “Serious Public Health Issue” – Canadian Parliamentary Report

  • Mobile Phones Cause Cancer – 60 Minutes PART1/2 Australia Segment Must See! Part 1/2

  • Insurance Companies Won’t Cover Cell Phone Brain Tumor Product Liability Lawsuits

> An Electronic Silent Spring – The Website of Katie Singer

EMF Adapter for Home/Office

An all-in-one solution for clearing and protecting an entire home or office space from the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

The EMF Adapter works through a building’s electrical circuitry to send a corrective, harmonizing resonance signal throughout the wiring of the entire space. Just plug in one EMF Adapter to protect your entire home or office space!

Electrical wiring radiates toxic EMFs through the walls into every room. Appliances and electronics plugged into the electrical circuit also emit these toxic fields.

Your home and office’s electrical wiring and every electrical device plugged into the circuit can be transformed into beneficial fields with the SafeSpace EMF Adapter. Because the wiring between outlets is interconnected, only one SafeSpace EMF Adapter is needed (per circuit breaker box) to send a corrective resonance into the electric wiring throughout your entire home or office space (Note: If another circuit breaker box is used in a different part of the building, using a second Adapter is advised.)

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Sue Grey, an Environmental Lawyer talks about Wi-Fi in Schools

> David Adams: Hazards of smart meters well documented – The Union

> What the Industry is Hiding – Your Cellphone is Lethal

SafeSpace II – Personal Environmental Protection The SafeSpace II radiates a 6 to 8 foot circular field of protection around the body. This protective field reduces the negative effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and host of other ambient threats. Stay Protected Around: • Computer Stations and Laptops • Wi-Fi in Environments • Routers and Office Electronics • Airline Travel • Cars, Trucks and more… The encoded frequencies will protect you from the toxic effects of harmful EMFs as it converts them to harmonious waves that support health and vitality. Click Here To See All Safe Space Products