Selecting SafeSpace EMF Protection Products

How To Select The Right SafeSpace EMF Protection Product SafeSpace EMF Protection products offer three layers of protection; 1) Layer One is device specific protection from WiFi and Cell Phone radiation created by your personal devices. This includes all the devices you use that receive a cell signal or use WiFi. (Including smartphones, tablets, [...]

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Do SafeSpace EMF Protection Products Work?

Can you prove it? SafeSpace products are designed to protect your health from the harmful effects of EMF and WiFi radiation — certainly, a growing concern considering we are now swimming in wireless signals almost as prevalent as the air we breathe. As evidence mounts, and scientists raise concerns, the question becomes less and less [...]

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Cigarettes and Smartphones – Will History Be Repeated?

Here’s a fact no one can argue — Cigarette smoking causes lung cancer. Yet, even though the scientific community had undeniable evidence in the 1950’s, it took until 1964 for the Surgeon General’s report that recognized smoking as a cause of lung cancer.  The report was delayed over a decade by propaganda campaigns and the [...]

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It’s No Longer… “I Can’t Live Without My Smartphone,” It’s…

Are you like me – has your smartphone become a necessity? It seems I use it for everything— Internet - Email - Calendar - Texts - Camera - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Navigator - Gaming - Apps Galore - And Of Course—I even Make Phone Calls! My smartphone is within arm’s reach every waking hour, and even listens to me snore from [...]

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