The adult human body is 65-percent water. To support your body, experts recommend consuming half your body weight in ounces of water daily. That equates to nine, 8-ounce glasses per day for a 150-pound person. 

What if those nine glasses of water are contaminated with chemicals, microorganisms, and other toxins?

What will the long-term effects of contaminated water be on our health?

We have all seen recent news stories – such as what is happening in Flint, Michigan, documenting unsafe drinking water. Research shows that hundreds of contaminants may be found in our water supplies. Agricultural and industrial chemicals, heavy metals, disinfectants, pharmaceuticals, and a whole array of microorganisms may be in your tap water.

The EPA sets water standards based on levels of contamination deemed safe for a healthy person to consume. (People with compromised immune systems, beware!)  We can hope our government agencies are keeping our water supply safe. However, statistics tell us many seem to doubt this is the case.

Americans spend 12 billion annually on bottled water, and four out of ten households use a home water-treatment system. By the way, if you buy bottled water thinking it’s safer, think again. Estimates are that greater that fifty percent of all bottled water is actually just bottled tap water.

Personally, poor tasting tap water led to our search for a home filtration system. And, even though our water supply tested safe by EPA standards, we sought a higher level of confidence in our water quality.

We wanted a system that was both affordable and easy to use, and one that did not require a big upfront investment.

The Adya water filtration system met our requirements perfectly. Most importantly, the Adya system delivers fresh, clean, great tasting water!

The Adya Water Filtration System

How It Works…

Why it’s needed…


Why You Need The Adya Clarity Water Purification & Filtration System

  • Reduces Microorganisms in Water
    Adya products remove and reduce bacteria, viruses and parasites.
  • Reduces Agricultural Chemicals in Water
    Adya products reduce 79 herbicides, fungicides and insecticides in water.
  • Reduces Industrial Chemicals in Water
    Adya products reduce 159 different industrial chemicals in water, including 80 Volatile Organic Compounds.
  • Reduce Heavy Metal Contamination
    Adya products reduce lead, mercury and arsenic to non-detectable limits in water.
  • Reduces Disinfectants & Disinfection Byproducts in Water
    Adya products remove 100% of chlorine and reduce chloramine and trihalomethanes to below detectable limits.
  • Reduces Pharmaceuticals in Water
    Adya products reduce 36 different pharmaceuticals and basic (OTC) drugs in water by 99.5%.

Why Adya?

Adya’s products are non-toxic, free of synthetic chemicals and 100% natural.  Adya’s products remove or reduce more contaminants than the leading filtration brands, are safe for you and the environment, and give your water a pure, delicious taste.

Adya Clarity® Water Purification Technology

Similar to the process whereby nature keeps her water bodies fresh and clean, Adya Clarity® purifies water in a four-step process.

  1. COAGULATION: When added to water, Adya Clarity® causes invisible, suspended fine particles (like chemicals and other contaminants) to destabilize, or neutralize, allowing the particles to come closer together, forming clumps, making it easier to separate solids from the water.
  2. FLOCCULATION: Flocculation is the process whereby the clumps of bacteria and particulate impurities formed during the coagulation process gather, or floc, and come together forming clusters.
  3. PRECIPITATION: Once Coagulation and Flocculation occur, the insoluble, neutralized contaminants solidify as they precipitate out of solution.
  4. DEPOSITION OR SEDIMENTATION: The precipitates settle and are deposited as sediment at the bottom of your water container.

This four-step process allows the precipitated contaminants to be easily filtered. We recommend using the Adya Water Filtration System in conjunction with Adya Clarity® for best results.

The Adya Clarity® Water Purification System not only removes many harmful contaminants and microbes from drinking water, Adya Clarity® also contains a broad spectrum of bioavailable ionic minerals providing you, your family, and even your pets with cleaner, healthier, and better-tasting drinking water.


  • Combines with Adya Clarity® to reduce over 250 contaminants including pharmaceuticals, OTC drugs, agricultural chemicals, heavy metals, industrial chemicals, disinfectants, disinfection byproducts, and microorganisms to a concentration less than or equal to NSF/EPA permissible standards.
  • Convenient to use. Just fill the top tank with untreated or pre-treated Adya Clarity® water and let it filter through.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Long-lasting filters. Replacements last 6 – 12 months.
  • Retains natural minerals for healthier, better-tasting water.
  • Gravity-fed filtration – the same process that occurs in nature.
  • Eco-friendly & cost-effective. Eliminates the money and environmental costs of buying bottled water.
  • Does not require electricity.
  • Portable & compact. Breaks down to fit in a 12L x 12W x 11H (in) box.

The Adya Clarity Water Purification & Filtration System

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